The Simple Things.....Are A Good Thing (2011-08-17 - 7:02 a.m.)

Yup, it is Wednesday. I woke up this morning trying to figure out what day of the week it is. Gosh, what is going on in my mind. I guess it doesn't really matter what day of the week it is. It rained a bit last night, so it is an easy morning for me. I won't go out back until this afternoon if it has dried off enough. The humidity level they said on the weather is already above 64%, so it will only go up. I put in my rice and chicken already to bake, so that will be done. I like to get that made and done. Do you believe it, my husband had Monday night off, and now he has a three night work schedule. My parents called I think it was Monday evening, and told us, that they will be coming over here before the snow flies. We just have to let them know when he has a weekend off. They said that they will stay in a motel, whatever. Oh boy, something to look forward to. Getting the 30 plus question interrogation in person. I think that if they can, my son and his girlfriend should come over for that same weekend, do you think so. Then it will take some of the interest and strain off me. I know that I will have to go and watch them all eat at a restaurant. I can't eat most of the foods, plus I have to be concerned if they are cooking other people's food with garlic and onions since I am allegric to those. The foods I am allegric to I have also found out that I can't touch them topically either. I have a scar on my arm from an allegric reaction to remind me of when, where I worked they were cooking garlic chicken next door, and the garlic in the air came on me, to me. I ended up having to go up to the clinic Urgent Care. I was having trouble breathing, and they also noticed how I was scratching, and they had to wipe me off totally with stuff to get it off my skin. My co-worker called my husband because he needed to bring me clothes. I couldn't put those clothes back on because of the garlic on them. So when you cook with garlic, it weeps into the air. They said that thank heavens you didn't rub your eyes. That day I spent over 8 hours there. They put in an IV so I wouldn't get dehydrated, plus they put medicine in to help me. So I don't like to go to restaurants, because I never know when I may have a food substance reaction. My parents just really don't realize the total extent of what I deal with. I am not complaining or anything, that is just how it is. So I will have more added stress when they are here, because of food. I don't go along grocery shopping much because alot of the grocery stores seem to have those people there who are making samples in those skillets. Why take a chance, when that is easy to avoid.

All the animals are sleeping on our bed, and I am out here doing some writing. Oh, they have it good. Once my food is out of the oven and cooled, I do believe I will go back to bed and read. It is just a lazy day. I could do some housework, but that will wait.

Nothing else going on. Yesterday wasn't a great day. I was into having a pity party for one. Some days are just like that. You just need to take some time for yourself, then get back on the horse, and keep job hunting. It will be 10 months total at the end of August. Ten months seems like a long time, but the time has gone by fast. There just isn't much out there for me. When I do get an interview, I wait, and I get that email or letter saying sorry, someone else is going to better fit their needs. I have got real good at rejection. I am starting to think that I won't be able to find a job, because of my age. It is just a number is all people. I have alot of spunk and skills left. You could get at least a good ten years out of me. I still have a great number of brain cells. I don't come cheap though. You know health insurance cost and all that. I am sure that is part of it. So that is why I was sitting down to my own personal pity party of one for awhile yesterday. I only give myself a few minutes for that, because it doesn't help to be a debbie downer and turn that on yourself.

On a happier note, the cardinals, the male and female bird have started to visit my stained glass bird feeder over here, the one that is just outside my dining room window. I have my laptop on the dining room table. So when they are there, I watch them with my binoculars. They are awesome to watch. Mr. Cardinal feeds a black sunflower seed to Mrs. Cardinal often. So now I have to keep this feeder filled up. It is smaller so, I fill it every day. In the Winter I will have to make sure I set up the shoveled path just right so I can get there easily. It took awhile for Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal to find that feeder, but I am glad they did. I get alot of goldfinches, chipmunks, and squirrels also. Remember the photo I put in one of the enteries showing the chipmunk sticking their head out of a hollow. The stained glass feeder is near there, just down to the right between the maple and a pine tree. I have it hanging from a single shepard hook. The suet holder is on the other side of the maple tree. I get alot of woodpeckers there and other birds. I love to watch the birds. It is the simple things in life that are so delightful.