An Outside Day Is Planned..... (2011-08-09 - 6:31 a.m.)

What's Up? Not a whole heck of alot. I showered and washed my hair last night, go me. My life is soooooooo exciting. I did the shower and washed my hair last night as a way to distract myself from my parents phone call last night. Talking with my dad was so, so, he of course brings up the how is the job search going on? It sucks, man, there is nothing out there for me. Nine months and counting to count now. He then moves on to ask, am I still getting unemployment checks, yes I am. They do ask alot of questions. Don't you think that I just want to not think about all of this. Then my mom gets on the phone, and the conversation continues. She asks about my son. I said that I need an intervention. I think that for me my son is my drug. I have to stop enabling. I also mentioned to my mother how if I don't get a job soon, and my unemployment runs out, that I am seriously thinking of tapping into my Wisconsin State Retirement fund. She blew a gasket on that one. Hey, I need money, I want to help my husband out, he is carrying the full bill paying load. He has alot going on with his job. He continues to job search for a new nursing job. He applied yesterday for another job. He(we) just keep trudging along. I just want him to find another job, so he can leave the current place. He is so stressed and unhappy there. He(we) are doing what we can. So basically I am looking for jobs for the both of us.

So after getting done with the phone call with my parents, it made me mad, sad, and angry, in general. I don't know why they get to me so. I know that I don't have anything anymore to prove to them. I just want to survive and to be able to help pay the bills. My mother said I have to stop supporting my son. Well it isn't just my son anymore, it is his girlfriend and a new baby girl on the way. She will be here in November. I don't want them living in their car, or on the street. Their life is bad enough. I still keep thinking, as I have always done, that it is just money. Right now, I don't have alot of money coming in because I don't have a job. So it is a circle. My parents have to stop dwelling on this. They can't help me. They need to stop stressing about this. I worry about them. I know they won't stop worrying.

It is just great weather and temperature wise here so far this week. It is perfect for me. Though yesterday I didn't get as much done as I wanted to. My foot hurt a bit, from overdoing it before. I still have to better pace myself. I get sidetracked into thinking, when I am doing so well with the yard work, that I just keep going, then my body pays for it later. I am getting older, and I don't think about that when I am doing so well outside and all. What can I say, we all just don't want to admit that as we age, our bodies slow down, and that we should listen to it. On the upside of that, I have to say the yard looks great!! I am working on the last section in the back, and it has been a few years since either my husband or myself have really gotten into that area. It is always the last to try and get done each year before the snow flies, so to speak. Once that section is done, I am going to work at cutting the non oaks back along the channel back. I don't know if I will have to go into the channel to do part of this, but I will see. I have my goals. You can't trim or cut any oaks until after November. You don't want to kill the root systems of the interwining other tree root systems. Oak wilt is bad around here. So I just have been trimming some pine limbs and such, as you know, since I had to walk them off the Island to the place we are allowed to talk them to rot back into nature.

I gave up trying to finish, "Under the Dome," right now. I put it aside for the time being, with the hopes to pick it up some other day. I picked up, "Pretty Little Dead Things," by Gary McMahon. So far, it is very intruiging. A man who has the ability to see and hear the dead, who then he helps them reach their families. He helps them solve their murders or something that needs to be resolved. Gary McMahon is a horror writer. So that is what I am trying to read, and so far, so good.

I sure am writing alot here, considering I don't have a whole lot going on. It is a good life. The sun is shining, there is a breeze, so working outside a bit should be just perfect. I am hoping the bugs won't be so hovering since it is supposed to get breezery. I will be getting dressed soon, to go outside and work. I also want to mow a small section.

Here is Taffy with the first vole she caught, she ate this one. The vole she caught and killed yesterday was twice the size, so my husband took it away. Taffy caught & ate a vole Sadie just took the bone away from Malcolm here, yet he is laughing. He is probably thinking I still have got the prize, I got you Sadie as my girlfriend!! Malcolm & HappyThe Incredible Trio-Sooo CuteSadie, Taffy, and Malcolm are trying to tell me something. Look, can't you tell we really, really, want, no need to go outside right now. Looking out the window to great adventures.