I Think It Is Tuesday...It Could Be.... (2011-08-02 - 3:49 p.m.)

Here is a knitting needle update. I didn't find them. I did go on line and look Knit Picks up. In the last entry I spelled Knit Picks as Knit Pics, I had it spelled correctly at first, but I went back and took off the "k." Not a big deal, though I wanted to state the correction here. I am a terrible speller, I was taught to read by sight, I am from the era. So back to the knitting needles. My set only went from size 4 to 11, so I didn't even have a size 15 in the set, I feel better, not much, since the 14" length set I had cost me $80.00. That was when I could spend that much on knitting needles. They are called "Harmony" knitting needles. I wish some harmony would rub off on me and that I would recall where they are. Let this go for now. I will, ok, I will try to. So I was talking to my husband and said, that for my birthday this year, I would like a couple of "Harmony," knitting needles, size 15 and maybe another size, in 14" length. They make "Harmony" needles in 10" or 14" length. OK already, enough about this.

Moving on. This morning, we got just a line under 1/2 inch or rain. Now there is another storm cell line moving our way. On the up side, I don't have to water right now. My husband said this humidity could be like Louisana. So the climate change is upon us. We can probably look forward to or not, to this humidity the rest of our lives here in the great state of Wisconsin. Or we can move farther North, and it will be cooler, one can hope. There really isn't anything tying us down here anymore, especially since I don't have a job, and my husband is seriously starting to look for another job place.

How about Canada? My husband said they wouldn't let us in because we are both over 50 years old, and that would be costly to them, medically. Canadians pay your health costs. I don't know anything really about it. I don't suppose we wouldn't go that far North, where my folks live, up North, it has been very humid also this Summer. My dad has had some difficulty with the humidity. I am just saying, ok, writing here, that if you don't like it where you are at, why not look to live somewhere else.

I have been staying inside alot lately. My foot still hurts. I am so stupid sometimes. I should think more and remember that if I get hurt it will take longer to get better. My foot is now really black, at least it isn't swollen anymore. Don't feel sorry for me, just think, what the hell was that woman thinking. I think, that I will just do it, and get it done, is all.

Oh, I made a casserole this morning. A hamburger, corn, noodle, and cheese casserole. 9 by 13 inch pan. My husband liked it, and that is all that it mattered. So he has some food now to eat for a few days. Casseroles take alot of prep time, brown the hamburger, boil the noodles, not to mushy, mix the cream of chicken soup with milk to get ready for the blending. One layer of the mixture, then a layer of mozeralla and cheddar cheese mixture, alternate. Last layer is the meat, corn, and noodle mixture. Oven is 350 degrees for 45 mintues, then uncover, put a layer of cheese on top, bake another 10 minutes, pull out, let sit about 10 minutes. Oh, I used veggie spiral noodles. My husband added friotoes to his. Glad he liked it, like I said it was a casserole.

Sadie wants to be outside so bad. She has been out a bit, the sun isn't out. It is damp out and buggy. Taffy really wants out, they are both looking out the front window, Sadie looking North, and Taffy looking over by the feeders. Malcolm is the only one who doesn't get too excited about wanting to go outside. He doesn't like it super hot, he is apparently the smart one.

I tell you, my life is so busy and exciting, I can't wait until the next exciting happening. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind it a bit. My son and his girlfriend are looking for work again. I tell you, when will I stop worrying about their employment, and money situation. It is always there.

I would like it to be a bit cooler outside so that I can slowly work on the yard again. I can walk slowly and pick up pine cones with my grabber and throw them into the wheelbarrow. I can do a little raking, I can hobble around picking up twigs. It gets old having to stay inside so much. I don't do well in the heat and humidity. I feel like I want to throw up when it gets too hot. My grandma didn't do well at all either in the icky sticky weather she called it.

This isn't a whine fest, I am just stating a fact. I try hard to keep it light and humorous because the flip side would be such a downer and we don't want that. Life has its changes and we have to roll with them whether we like it or not, and try to make the best of what we got going on.