Chicken & Rice Day.... (2011-07-15 - 8:41 a.m.)

The heat wave is rolling in here to Central Wisconsin. I am so looking forward to the heat and humidty, plus the three digit heat index, not. I guess I will be spending the next 5 days inside. Though tomorrow morning I finally will be getting my hair colored. It has been the longest ever number of days since I got my hair colored. My hair colorist decided last minute she wanted to go on a vacation, and me, being me, had no problem with her cancelling and rescheduling me. I don't care, I have the time, and no pressing future engagements, that I know of. So my hair got to rest for another couple of weeks, which was two weeks ago. Just to bad, that it is going to be so hot. I hope that they have their air conditioning cranked down low. I don't do well in the heat and humidity. My grandmother, my mom's mom, didn't either. When we would visit her during the summer, we would spend all day at Lake Bemidji, why because I remember my grandmother spending most of the day in the water with us to keep cool. She also liked to picnic, and end the day at either the A & W Root Beer stand, which had bell hops then, or the DQ which was only actually across from a section of Lake Bemidji in those days. The DQ was never open in those days during the Winter. My grandma always got a hot fudge sundae, my sister and I either got Dilly Bars or chocolate dipped cones. My mom always wanted us girls to get ice cream in a cup because, you know, in the heat the chocolate would melt all over us. I remember my grandma always telling my mom, to let us enjoy it. My grandma was an awesome woman. When she became engaged to my grandpa, before she got married, she went to Chicago to sow her wild oats, they said. Apparently she had an affair there, and the fellow gave her a mink coat, below the knee length. I inherited it. I had it relined. Over time, I lost a considerable amount of weight and it was just too heavy for me. Well I decided to store it at my parents house. Well, low and behold, my sister who is 6 feet 4 inches(she got that height from my mom's side, her brothers had to bend down to go through most doorways), well my sister decided that it was ok to start wearing it. Since then, I haven't seen that mink coat. Kind of like, my sister got the piano that we both grew up taking lessons and playing on. Now the piano is in her home and she doesn't even play it. I would. I can't afford to move it and tune it right now. I should really start practicing my guitar again. Just some ancient family history that I recall. I don't remember alot about when I was growing up. It comes in at times in little bits. I think I fried too many brain cells when I was in high school and college. Who knows, and who cares, right.

Guess what? Give up? My son and his girlfriend are coming for a couple of days on Sunday. Sunday is his birthday and it has been years since he has been here for his birthday. Also yesterday they called, her due date is for Nov. 4th, only one week shy of my birthday. I am hoping that she has the baby on 11/11/11, wouldn't that be so awesome if my granddaughter would be born on my birthday!!! One can hope. So I called the restaurant that my son likes to eat at, they are closed on Sunday and Mondays. I told him that maybe some other time when they come here we will go. He doesn't like steak, so he usually has walleye. A guy who doesn't like steak. Well when he was growing up we didn't eat hardly any red meat. Red meat is the hardest to digest of all the meats. Now his girlfriend loves steak to eat.

I don't have much else going on. Yesterday my husband cut down pine limbs, so I was the clean-up the area girl. I also did 3 large wheelbarrow full of pine needles. We also took down all the wrought iron brackets from three of the windows around the house. Over 16 years ago they were put up for bird feeders, and/or hummingbird feeders. Well the squirrels used to jump onto the roof from the pine limbs and get on the bird feeders, so I stopped filling them. The squirrels chew alot and do damage. So I still put up hummingbird feeders. We also have cut the pine limbs that hover over the house roof. So we got alot done yesterday by 3 pm. We work awhile and then rest and drink to keep hydrated.

Now today my husband starts a three night work run. Plus it will be a full moon one of those days. Lucky him, not, the residents become more squirrely. So he is still sleeping. He doesn't do much but sleep on the days he works, and the morning of the first day he starts his multiply days of work.

So that is all I got for now. It is make chicken and rice day also today. So I better get at that.