Life Is Interesting....Is It Not (2011-05-18 - 5:32 p.m.)

Well here I am again after 3 days without writing. You may wonder, did I fall through the cracks of time and just resurfaced. Nope not much going on here, so I didn't feel like doing much writing.

This morning I was reading one of my favorite people who writes here, waves at her from a distance. Anyway, I so understand what she wrote and related to her entry. Like me, she has a super great work ethic, and no matter how you are feeling, you usually get up, get going, do the drive, and will work at getting through the day. You hope you will feel better, if you don't at least you will have been there at least half of the work day. I knew before she wrote this, that was going to be the plan. You get to work, still not feeling totally like yourself, your body is still yelling at you from your insides. You finally give in and go home to rest. You needed that 4 hour nap. I sure hope that today went better for you. I have complete understanding and sympathy for what you wrote about your digestive issues. At least knowing your body well enough, you help it through. I can so relate.

I recall numerous incidents dealing with myself, my body, and work. One morning I was feeling just a bit off, I call it. I thought I worked through it and went into work, because we were going to have a morning meeting before work, and the clients got there. Well, I sat down in one of the chairs, and the meeting started. It didn't get too far into the meeting before I had to announce that I really wasn't feeling super well. I said excuse me, I needed to go and use the bathroom. Well I stood up and well over. So that stopped the meeting. They decided that one of my co-workers, bless her heart, would take me up to urgent care and stay with my until my husband could be with me. They took one look at me, and rushed me in. I was dealing with my bundle branch blockage, I was severly dehyrdated from having early morning diarreha, I drank two gatorades and a bottle of water that morning already. My blood pressure was super low. So glad I kind of went into work to see if I could make it through the work day. That day I didn't manage even working a half day. So they took care of me, my husband made it. He drove me home, and another co-worker after work drove my car home for me, with her husband following her. I have learned that don't be embarrassed, ashamed, or whatever you are feeling about your body. You just have to find a way to make it work for you and to be healthy.

Since I have been unemployed now, 6 months and 18 days, I have had time to let my body work on healing. I can go poop at any time during the day that it needs to, which is super nice. I have tried some different foods, finding some that I can tolerate, and others like red meat which I can not eat at all yet, to be working out for me. I really want a job, yet my body is so much better most of the time. I just go with it each day. So being unemployed has had some benefits. For my IdaMay, for my husband and his time in the hospital, surgery, and his recuperation, I was there for them all the time. So with that said, I really have no bitterness or sadness about being permenantly laid off from my job of 16 years. I seem to always look for the positive. That is why, if and when I get another job, I will continue with my super strong work ethic to get up, get going, and off to work. I would have to say, having more money in my pocket would be nice, I would love to help my husband more to pay his clinic and hospital bill down faster, but that to will get paid. Life moves along. Like today, he was able to carry a 40 lb water softener salf bag into the basement. That makes me happy, because for a long time, it was me who got the smaller lb bags, put them in my sled and dragged them to the back slider, got them in, scooped out some salt and put that in the water softener, then got the rest of the bag lifted up and poured in. I am just so thankful that he is doing better, and because of my being unemployed I was able to be by his side and there for him 24/7.

I know that I am babbling here. My husband is at work, the dogs and cat(Taffy) are here with me, but you know, it is mostly a one sided conversation. They trully are great listeners when they are awake.

Today woke up, it was cloudy, cold, and it did some drizzling. A good day to stay inside, wash a load of laundry, make some sloppy joes, read, and take a nap, that has been my day so far. Now I am almost done writing here because I have run out of interesting tidbits. I have been watching the little pregant red squirrel at the suet feeder alot. I really wonder where the heck she is going to have her babies, perhaps in the hollow of the maple tree, just so that I can watch her go in and out to care for them. The maple is a few feet away from the dining room window, and with the binoculars, you can really see her. Exciting I know. I like watching nature, and since November 2010 I have had alot of time to just sit and watch. It is very Zen like. So with all this written I am done for now. The little red momma squirrel in her home. This is right outside our dining room window. I can watch her everyday.