The Week Is Upon Us.... (2011-05-07 - 6:28 a.m.)

I couldn't write about this yesterday. I felt bad and sad after reading someone's entry, they were "separated" from their job. I have been unemployed now for 6 months and 7 days. On Thursday I got a call from Figi's in Marshfield. I applied there in early March, yup, two months later, they called me to set up an interview. My interview is on Monday at 9 am with two people then I will meet with someone from their HR department. It is their customer account specialist, works with alot of numbers and whatever that is. I liked when I read the Job Centers job description that it was data entry from doing research and such. They didn't list the pay per hour. I will have to ask them how much an hour. I can't work if it isn't a higher amount per hour. I also figure they will either like me or not. I don't get too excited anymore over getting an interview. Time being unemployed will do that, it puts it and your expectations into perspective. So come Monday, I will get up like I used to, and pretend that I am getting ready to go to work, so that my body is ready to go. Being unemployed I have learned alot about myself. I know that I am not my job. I never was. There is more to life than the job and that importance. I have worked since I was 12 years old, all the time, through college and everything, sometimes two or more jobs to get enough money to pay my bills. So anyway, I told my son about the job interview, but I will not tell my parents. They aren't very supportive about this. My mom especially is always telling me to not get to sure of myself or think that I will get the job. She hopes I will get the job, but don't set myself of for some huge disappoint.

Oh, and my husband and I still don't know if my parents are coming all the way over here to visit. I emailed them, a week ago letting them know about three things going on. I would need to cancel one, if not two of them. It pisses me off a bit that they don't have the common courtesy to let me(us) know. How rude. Then I feel guilty for thinking that, maybe something is going on and they don't have time to respond. Whatever...I can't be contanstly giving them reasons for stuff anymore, let it go.

Today is Wisconsin's opening fishing. OK, there are people fishing around here all the time. I don't get it. Are they fishing then without a license? I don't really care one way or the other. So the price of gas went up around here with the opening fishing. I need gas put in my car. Yippee my car works like a gem again. It was awesome to drive home and not have the worry about if the car will surge or stall on the road, plus they took care of the front brake whatever. Then I took some books into Thimbleberry. A used bookstore that you can bring in books, and get credit, so you can turn around and browse, use that credit for more books. After that I went and got muffins, lettuce, pea pods, steamers corn, and ice cream. Came home, put the items away and went outside and sat on the deck with the pets. I am hoping that it will be sunny out some of the time for little Sadie and Taffy today. Malcolm doesn't like it super sunny because he squints, and I put a doggie bed next to me in the shade for him to sit in. I don't like the full direct sunlight anymore myself.

I just want to say happy early Mother's Day to all the mothers and dads out there. Dads can also be mothers, and sometimes you dads have to be both, and moms have to be both sometimes also. So everyone have a happy day tomorrow. I love and care about my parents alot, yet they can be so, you know, at times. So yes I will make the call to my mom tomorrow wishing her a great day. I honored her wish of giving her nothing but a card, and damn that was sooooo hard to do.

Do I have plans for the day, you ask? Well let me tell you. I don't have to shower and wash my hair, I did that yesterday before we went to Marshfield. Thank god, that is such a chore. It took me 1 & 1/2 hours from start to finish, meaning getting dressed. I am not complaining, but long hair is alot of work. I wasn't able to get a nap in yesterday, so I am thinking a nap would be lovely. Read some more, maybe some knitting, alot of FarmVille. I am redoing my farm. I am tidying up and selling alot of the FarmVille items. I have a few ideas rolling around and I think my home farm needs some new designs. So that is what I am working on there. I need to continue to work on the back garden and those darn weeds. We don't use anything to kill the weeds because of nature and the animals. I don't want anything to go into the water table, etc. So I work alot on keeping the weeds out of there. I really should clean and make hummer juice. The news guy last night said, that his neighbor told him, that there were hummingbirds at his hummer feeder!! I love those little birds. I love them so, in fact, that one of my first larger tattoos was of humming birds and flowers and vines on my chest. You got to get something pretty on those big boobies you know. :)

My husband is still at work and works Saturday and Sunday night. So that means, quiet as a mouse. I try, quiet as an elephant is more like it. I have been having more of the dropseys lately, especially when it is in my left hand. My left hand is my dominant hand. I have to keep an eye on that. My hand or arm is weak, I don't know. It really sucks sometimes to face the fact of aging. Your body just doesn't do what it was able to do before. My mind wants to, but the old fart can't keep up, so one paces themselves.

I sure am just babbling away here this morning. I have been writing now for over a 1/2 hour, so I do believe that this is enough for now. Have a good day. and another good day tomorrow if I don't get on here because of you know, that special day. Ha, ha, I make myself laugh.