Love the Day.... (2011-03-31 - 7:28 a.m.)

My medical appointment went fine. My internal medicine doctor was very happy with all my blood work results. I even have lost weight again this past six months. My potassium level was good, which makes me feel better. My kidney function is low but not as low as it has been. That is something you can't really fix. Ever since they found blood in my urine, I have been watched. It is diabetic related. It was also agreed to stop taking lipitor. I had some terrible muscle pains at times and felt like I was in my 70's. So as an experiment I quit taking the lipitor and guess what. After a couple of days some of my muscles like in my back by my liver didn't hurt, then after a few more days, I wasn't have the arm pains. Each day I wake up I feel better. She(doctor) said that as a trade off I have to add 1/2 hour of more exercising and that we will address the issue if I start loosing too much weight again. I don't want to add those untasty drinks. See my cholestral levels, etc are all genetic. My dad has had quadruple by-pass surgery, and my mom's dad and brothers have had heart disease and have passed away from heart attacks. So I guess more exercising is a good trade-off. So I am happy to be taking one less med.

Looks like another sunny day here again. Yesterday in the afternoon Sadie just had to go out. Well, if I had known she just wanted to go out and lay down on the hard deck in the sun I wouldn't have let her out. Thank heavens I watch them when they are outside. I put on my boots and went out and picked her up. Poor Sadie wanting that sunshine so bad, that she laid down on the cold hard deck. I looked all over the living room for a sunnier spot, found one and moved one of her dog beds there, so she was content for awhile. Honestly, the warmer weather can't come soon enough for her. Bless her pea pickin little heart. Now for Malcolm, I think he needs doggles, doggy sunglasses because he squints when he is out in the sunlight. I think Sadie knows I am writing about her because she is looking at me from under her blanket in her dog bed. Oh I just love them, I don't know what I would do without them for company. My husband is still at work, day or I should say night two, with one more to go. Tonight he will be having to do all of the end of the month stuff for him. Tomorrow is Friday and we are supposed to be in for some more sloushy, icy messy stuff again. I just got most of the deck cleared, that is why Sadie had to do what she did yesterday.

Remember I said I was starting the knitted cat. Well I am having a hard time with it. I don't understand the directions at all. So I am thinking that I should look for a beginner knitted cat to knit. Anyone have any sources out there to suggest. Alan Dart makes alot of toys but his work is so detailed and the directions again are so hard to understand. With me being pretty much a self taught knitter, my grandma did teach me the basics, she knitted mittens, red ones, all the time. She made them all red because that was my grandpas favorite color. Norweign red she always said. So that is what I am thinking about with the knitting.

What else, I plan to walk today, you know because I have to add another 1/2 hour of exercise. It is something when your doctor says, try not to loose weight, and maintain what you have, yet tells you to exercise more so that your cholestral level gets lower. Sounds to me like a medical oxymoron. I wonder how she will write that up in my records. "I told her to exercise more but not loose weight." She wants more exercise because of my restricted food intake, which has little to no fats in what I intake. You know I heard on the national news about how more people are getting bacterial infections while in the hospital, more than do already, alot of them die as a result. This time it was in their sugar glucose bags. How awful. They put antiboditics in the IV bag. Antiboditics kill your infections but leaves the door open for nastys to get in. I haven't had any antiboditics since 2006 when I had that bacteria that almost wiped out my digestive tract and me. The bottom line is people should try to stay and be healthy as they can. It really isn't until you have had a close encounter that you trully realize the fine line between living here or residing elsewhere, like in heaven.

Enough writing about that subject. So when it warms up a bit more I will be out there walking. Since I have to walk a long while I can't take the little doggies. When I have let them come with me, after a time, I have had to call my husband to come and get them in the car. I can't carry both of them. So lucky them, they get a car ride home. Sadie loves to go for a ride, Malcolm not so much. He has his quirks and car riding has improved for him. So I am looking forward to walking.

In the next two days though if we get that icy slushy mixture I will have to do an extra 1/2 hour on the damn elpitical trainer thingy. It is so boring. I do that in 15 minute intervals. I can't do a full 30 minutes all at once. It drives me nutty.