Sunshine Thru My Window.... (2011-03-24 - 6:16 a.m.)

So this now being the second time I am writing in here this morning. The computer just closed all programs because of a security threat. Yup another way to notify me that I needed to update the security here on the computer. All done now, so back to writing. Makes me think that I did really well before all the stuff to do with the computer before computers came on board to make our life so much more easy. OK, some things are easier, but not all things related to computer usage are easier, sometimes they can be a challenge and then some. OK enough about the computer, because I was writing about my life in the snow belt a bit.

Waves at Audrey, you can skip this section if you need to because I am going to write about the snow. For me all the days and nights mesh into one continuous time, so we had thunder snow one night with lightening around here. I could hear the bing bing of the sleet balls hitting the windows because the winds were coming strong from the east. First was the rain/sleet mixture that day and night, then it turned to snow when the temps dropped. On Monday I cancelled my medical appointments for Wednesday because of the flood threat and this storm coming I figure I most definiteley wasn't going to go. Back to Wednesday morning. We, as in the little dogs and I, husband was at work. I open the door and let Malcolm out, with Sadie close behind. Malcolm just stops, Sadie plows into him, like what the fuck, are you stopping for. I look up and forward, and damn, there is a huge branch/limb laying on the sidewalk down by the garage. Oh course that would stop Malcolm in his tracks because he gets upset when something new or different is in his normal surroundings. So Sadie goes around him, off the deck and goes about her business. Well Malcolm just stood there. So being the great doggie mommy that I am, put on my coat and boots, and go out. Wow, it was like stepping out onto a sponge. It was totally awesome, until I later tried to shovel it. I was able to shovel off the snow layer, but there is still this soft squishy like layer there, it will have to melt. So I went down off the deck steps, Malcolm just watched. I went to the branch/limb and tried to move it, nope it was frozen there in place. So I went to the garage and got shovel number two. I worked at freeing the snow branch/limb for awhile, who knows how long. I finally got it loose, the guy across the road, his shade thingy went up and I wave at him, he waves back. I must be fun to watch sometimes. So I got the branch/limb loose, I start to move it, Malcolm is barking at it now. I finally with one giant grunt and lift throw it off the sidewalk and into the yard. It left alot of twigs and stuff still frozen on the sidewalk. I thought to myself, I hope this is good enough to make Malcolm feel secure enough to get off the deck. Success, he came off the deck and continued with the duck web feet thingy across their area to do his business. For such a little doggie he sure can pee alot. Sadie by this time was ready to go into the house. So I went back up onto the deck, and let her in. I figure Malcolm may have to poop, so I kept him out for a few more minutes. I did try to push some of the snow or whatever you call it off the deck. The weight of it was amazing. I am currently using my heating pad on my back because I felt it when it happened yesterday afternoon. I stopped shoveling and my husband finished the doggies area yesterday afternoon. It will improve, no doubt, I want to say, it sures sucks to get older sometimes. So yesterday the driveway didn't get done. I was thinking I should do that today, but I think I will hold off to see how much melts down today. I don't want to overdo my back you know. So enough writing about the snow. It was very beautiful, and since I didn't have to drive or go anywhere, I enjoyed it even more.

We have one robin coming to the suet feeder. I feel so bad for him or her. Him or her has been eating suet. I just hope the poor robin doesn't freeze or starve.

Tomorrow, which will be Friday, we plan to go and run errands. Get grocercies, my husband works Fri., Sat., and Sunday night so he needs stuff to make his lunches. We will see how things are in the morning, if I don't feel up to going, I won't. I hate to grocery shop, but it has to get done.

I really don't have a whole lot else going on. Another day in paradise. I am fortunate to have what I have. It will be sunny for most of the day the weather person said, so Sadie will be happy. Gotta love the sunshine. Fallen limb from 3/23/11 snowstorm Oak tree that the limb broke off from on 3/23/11 3/23/11 snowy robin