No Much Been Going On Here....Same Old Same Old (2010-04-11 - 1:34 p.m.)

What the heck...a whole week since I have seemed to have anything to write about in here. I have to say I do FarmVille alot more than anything else lately. They have dogs now on the farms, and there is co-op farming going on. Since I manage three other farms now besides my own, I have to admit that there isn't alot of other time to get anything done. You laugh....I know it is silly....though I do like the game. I have two shy of 300 Easter eggs collected now. Though when I do cash them in, I won't have any room for a windmill until I make room. I still have my gold coins waiting from collecting the St. Patrick's Day gold coins. So with all the FarmVille news what else do I have going on.

Well I had a clinic appointment on Tuesday, which I had to fast for. I did. The doctor scheduled me an ultrasound appointment for 8 am Friday morning, I again had to fast though one hour longer. She found something that she wanted to check out. So I fasted twice this past week. The one for Tuesday took a day to bounce back from, I had to rid my body of the dye they pump into you. Then all things considered it wasn't too bad with the ultra sound until she said now we will be doing the pelvic part. Now I have had ultra sounds before, and I have had the pelvic part before they insert this wand like thing, though for some reason this was very painful. Went to my zen place and worked hard at not paying too much attention until I felt my thighs starting to do the quivvering thingy. So my BP begins to spike you can feel it happen, I heard the technican call for assistance. It was weird because I was felt like I was just watching outside my body. They got me all back to normal and she finished the ultersounds, so I thought. She left to go and have them looked at, and said that if needed the doctor would be in to redo a questionable part. I thought, I sure hope not, well, the doctor comes in and does my lower pelvic area near my groin which I have told my doctor before about the constant pain. Nope they couldn't find anything, other than putting alot of pressure on the groin area again and making it starting to quivver and all. So after all of this, I decided I can either go to work and be uncomfortable or go home and be uncomfortable. I chose going to work to try and keep my day going as normal and as structured as I could get it. By the end of the day I sort of felt better. I worked hard at drinking alot to get rehydrated. I ate my chicken pieces at the right time. So that has been my week pretty much. Glad that is over with for now.

So when I say how much I enjoy doing FarmVille I mean it, I would rather be doing something like FarmVille, which is relaxing and mindless really, than going to the clinic. Today I made more chicken for the work week. I tried to take a nap. I heard the dogs bark outside. They were on the deck with my husband. I figure I won't get too many naps in now on the weekends because the outside activity will increase around here until next Fall/Winter. I will take what naps that I can. I have to shower and wash my hair for the work week. As far as work goes, we all were told again that we will be given the 10 day notice of when our jobs will end, thus having 10 days to declare what job I will be bumping into probably over in Wisconsin Rapids, thus this will be a change for someone else's life and a ripple affect until there is one person without a job and on unemployment. I have to do what I have to do, I don't have another option at this point in my life. We need the health insurance and retirement to continue to build up. I figure another change is going to happen in my book of life, so be it.

I read on Facebook that my son and his girlfriend are now engaged. We weren't told personally. I wonder how long this will last, remember me writing about his girlfriend of the month club. My son told me after me asking, countless times, is there anything new in your life???? That they weren't planning on getting married for a couple of years, I thought whatever and nothing much else.

So all in all, a pretty so-so week. Oh, my husband went to his mother's place on Saturday because she wanted help finishing up all the last bit of sorting and taking to St. Vinnie's. He left our house a little after 11 am and returned home here after 5 pm. Next Saturday she moves into her new apartment. My husband told her that he has to work. She said that her passed away husband's grandkids will help her move. My husband said that there isn't alot left to move anyway.

Oh I walked for 25 minutes yesterday at a fast pace. I need to do that more often. Every nice day in fact if I can. That is way easier said than done, you know with all the Farming I do on FarmVille. Ha, ha.