Gotta Luv Fridays... (2009-09-04 - 5:39 a.m.)

It is finally Friday. I won't show how excited I am on the inside because I am going to be on vacation all next week. I am also planning on being low key and unnoticable if I can at work. I don't want to be given any extra tasks just because someone doesn't want to have to do them, themselves because I won't be there next week. I got an ASAP task to do for the boss of my boss yesterday. Plus then my boss gave me a mailing task to do before I left today. It got done yesterday, shhhhhhhh. I don't want anyone to know how quick I work. I was also told all the work I did for the DOL(department of labor) report passed. So that means we can still run the non-profit workshop. I pat myself on the back because, I am the only one who cares really about that. I just didn't want to have to redo anything or have to answer any questions. I have to have to payroll completed today before I leave at 4:30pm otherwise I will be going in to work on Tuesday morning for awhile. Blah, blah, and more blah.

What else, on the stain the deck, the front is done, and I could tell my husband will be super duper glad when it is totally dry. He had to take the dogs out all last night and this morning. So that means, poor man, had to get out of the warm and cozy bed to take care of them. See I am the night and early morning letter out of the dogs gal. I don't mind it at all, you got to go when you got to go. So hopefully he will appreciate that of me. We will see if he starts on the back today. It isn't supposed to rain until next week sometime, and it is still warm enough to do this. Why he waited until now, who knows. I would do it so it has many days without rain pelting down on it, so that it really sets well. I really don't care, it just has been on his to do list for 4 months now.

I suppose the island will be busier around here with people coming up for the three days, so I can be entertained with their stupidity. The one neighbor is going to get hurt one of these times when he uses his chainsaw. Those city people I tell you. OK I know that comment isn't very nice, but geeeeesh, sometimes I have watched the dumbest things next door. It is like, the movie, "Dumb and Dumber." One time I watched them cut a tree down. The tree didn't come down. It just stayed in place. The other tree branches around it were keeping it in place. That really is dangerous. They stood around talking and yelling at one another for awhile. See first you cut back tree branches in the other trees around the tree you want to down. Then you chainsaw off as many branches as you can, that depends on the ladder height, and if you are working with someone else. You decide on the correct direction the tree needs to fall. You chainsaw your wedge shape in. You also have ropes attached strategically to have the other person pulling in the opposite direction of the fall you want. Well, let me tell you, these city people went and got their SUV, hooked up a chain to it, I knew the chain was toooooooooooo short, you can guess probably what happened. The figured a little tug on the chain, attached to their once nice SUV would make it fall over. Nope, the tree fell on the SUV, it was so funny. Then there was some really loud hooting and a hollering. It was soooooo funny I almost wet my pants. It is pretty hard to outdo that happening, but you never can tell with those city folks. They do some dumb stuff, but that took the cake so to speak. Oh, and the owner always mows with his newer John Deere rider in the woods. Dah, how dull do you want your blade and how many sticks and stuff do you want hitting you. The ground is uneven in the trees, he gets hung up all the time. My husband figures one day he may cut off his foot or something because he gets off the rider mower and pushes it off the hang up, still running. Oh, and when they are here, I have seen them begin drinking beers at 9 in the morning. I know they are beers, because I have checked with my binoculars. So chainsaws and rider mowers, weed wackers, all in use as they drink. Now since my husband is a nurse, if something major bloody happens, he knows that he has to go and help. Help the stupid he says. Then these people always seem to have a fire going, now that is annoying to me. All the smoke, plus usually since it is so dry there is a burning ban on, yet they still burn. What dumb fucks they are.

So that is it for around here for now. I will have to go and get ready for work. I need to get some deodrant, and I would like to get a couple of bananas, because I usually eat one banana on Fridays. They are so sweet.