Saturday at Last... (2009-06-27 - 5:29 a.m.)

This work week was an agonizing sore muscle week and seemed very long. We are now moved into the new place for work. We got enough reset up so that the clients are able to work on Monday, business as usual. I am glad I have two days to rest. Though my mother-in-law, who is 80 years old is in the hospital. She went in for surgery on a finger in her right hand, a joint or something. She had some problems, alot of bleeding also in relation to fluid filling up in her chest, she has congestive heart failure happening. She also has pneumonia. So she is staying at the hospital for awhile. So instead of really resting, I am going to go sit with her in the hospital for awhile. My husband works tonight, so he really doesn't need to go if he doesn't want to. He went yesterday, because his step father didn't call him till after 7 pm on Thursday night with the news. My husband did call her hospital room Thursday night.

So that really is about it for around here. I am not really looking forward to where my desk is right now at work. I just don't like being so "joe public." People will walk in and I am probably going to be the first person they will see. I have work to do, data entry, payroll, filing for another program to do, attendance taking daily report to send to this other program so that they can bill this other, CCCW for client time, I do the spread sheets for the revenue and breakdown, plus who the fuck knows what else that will be assigned to me to do, because, in my job description it says, other duties as assigned. For the past three weeks I have done a hell of alot of other job duties as assigned, because one tech, and they are all women, one tech has had heart problems, she had some stints replaced and ended up with a blood clot, almost bled to death, and another one got a shoulder injury on the job. So they have been down to two techs, that is where I come into the pictures. The other program boss lady didn't know that we only had two techs working, the prickhead didn't tell anyone. I have been so sore in my muscles for about three maybe four weeks now. I just hope it improves now. The work isn't that hard to do, but it wouldn't be so bad to do, if this person who is the techs program manager, is a fucking prick of an asshole. That about says it all. He is not my boss. He could change and if he wanted to, he could be nice. For example, I stay until 4:30 pm every work day, and the techs all left at 3:30 pm because you can start work at 7 am in the summer. So there I am with this prickhead, who I can't stand. He is so disrespectful and not kind. He treats all of us as if we are his slaves. It is in the tone and direction of a task he wants you to do. I sat down at my desk at 4:10pm to look for a list of phone numbers, he noticed me sitting and then said to put these ceramics on the big table, because, he wanted to put this board on top of the two ladders on the display. WTF did his hands just fall off his body? Then he quizzes me rudely(he has this fucking annoying scarasm tone going on, most of the time), and states that I must have seen them put this board there. WTF, he is fucking certifiable if you ask me. Then he asks me if I noticed or heard anything going on. WTF do I care, as long as it doesn't involve me. I said no, I mind my own business and do my work. Hell, I wasn't going to tell him that I noticed that when the boss of my boss came to help the program unpack ceramics, she asked if I had seen my boss lately. I just said no. Then the boss of the other program was helping unpack, and she was talking to the other boss about my boss. Yes I did hear a bit. So all said, something is going on. So the boss of my boss, left sometime in the afternoon. Low and behold my boss does come there, it was after 2 pm, and ask if her boss was there. Nope, she left to go back to Wisconsin Rapids. My boss seemed a bit tense about that, she had two large manila envelopes with her. So she stood around talking with the prickhead, and then the moved behind closed doors to his office, they talked for I guess at least 20 minutes. Which by the way, has a window that he can watch out over the workshop. Thank heavens it isn't behind my desk. So something is going on, maybe my boss is going to resign, the last person who had all the same responsibility resigned, and became a janitor for the school district my son went to. I know, I have a master's plus and many teaching degrees, and I quit that and became a secretary/receptionist, and other duties as assigned. I don't really know what is going on, and I don't fucking care, I am just damn glad to have a job in this cracking, and unsteady economy. I do my job and go home. Leave me out of all the drama, and this fuckhead shouldn't ask me about other people. He isn't going to get me involved so my job is in trouble. I listen and keep my lip zipped. I will not hurt anyone with any words. I hear way too much of that going on. I am just so glad I have a place to vent and write this all down, so that I can let it all go, once I get it written down.

So that is about it on this front.