Sunny Again....How Awesome Is That!!!!! (2009-04-11 - 6:21 a.m.)

Another day has dawned. Yesterday sure went fast. Got to the back corner of the basement, and found son's dresser. Got a large box and got the stuff that was in the dresser, neatly into the box, even threw some old stuff out. He will never know. Got the drawers upstairs, and the dresser by the slider window ready to go, which is today. We figure my hushand should leave no later than 9:30am, so you know that he is still sleeping at this moment in time. Yesterday the icky neighbor was here, and he and his wife still are. Guess what, the stupid asshole did some burning. Yupe, of course, it was windy, and you could see the ash floating throw the air towards our house. Yes people I sat and watched them off and on all afternoon. I had already accomplished my one task I wanted to do on Friday. I also made more baked chicken for myself. They sat in their plastic chairs staring at me also at times. His wife was all covered up with a blanket on over her coat, and had a scarf around her head. This old man's mouth reminds me of a grotesque screeching clown's smile. It appears to always be a permanent look on his face. Like he can't really close his mouth. My husband said that he may have had a stroke because he also has a gaiting(walking) problem. He so reminds me of a Stephen King character. My dogs most definitely don't like them. Our sump pump sends out water from a pipe about two feet from the property line between us. He comes over and stands there, my husband said, and looks up and into one of our windows and scowls meanly. He thinks he owns the center of the cul-de-sac also, and he has put in two trees and two bird houses on stakes. I know I have put way too much energy into this neighbor. They just are so odd and interesting to watch. You all think that I need to get a fucking life of my own. I think, who cares, if I want to sit at my dining room table and watch them, I can. I know for a fact that they talk about us, I have heard them threw an open window, and point at us over here. I also want to add, do you think it is really bright, to drink beer at 11:00 am in the morning and then I would say around 12:30pm start up the chainsaw. Yupe folks, I have seen drinking and chainsaw use next door many a time. So I guess I will continue to be a watcher, how can you not, they deserve to have an audience. Oh, he is constantly riding one of his two, did I say two he has, riding lawn mowers. I guess one wasn't enough. I said to my husband yesterday, that we should go look for property for sale. He said that I say that, and then we never do. After 16 years with no neighbors before I moved here, I still haven't gotten used to neighbors. We really should go for drives and look for property for sale, that is nearer to where my husband works. It would also be closer to where I work still. You never know what life will throw your way. So I am trully glad that I still have a job. I would have to pay someone to come in and move our stuff. I know that I couldn't do it. Anyhoo, that is an update about the neighbor.

Like I wrote before, I e-mailed my parents with the son's update about moving. After letting my son know when my husband would leave here today, I asked my son, if and when he knew she was leaving. It seems that on the 15th of April. She will move back to her parents. She also told my son that she wants no involvement with him and with his daughter and the new daughter to be born in the end of May. That is so mean. The little girl and my son will miss each other. You have to have alot of money to go to court and fight for visitation. You can go, and get granted visitation, but alot of times the woman doesn't cooperate. It is just sad, you know. I just wish that she would let my son take care of his little girl full time. The little girl is the one who in the end will get the bad end of the deal. I am sure that the mom will tell the girls bad stuff about my son. She is just that unkind. Now my husband and I have legal rights, and I have to chew on this a bit, because once I get involved, I go the whole way. I so want them to work together in a mature way so that the little girls will get to know their dad.

What else, the sun is coming through the living room window as I finish up here writing. It looks so lovely. I don't really have a whole heck of alot going on. I hope that I can get a nap in or a jaccuzzi bath today. Tomorrow I have to shower and wash my hair. I so sound like a broken record, I know, how boring and all that. Hey it could be worse, and I would still endure.