Babble, Babble, & Babble Some More... (2009-04-06 - 6:05 a.m.)

Monday got here awfully quick in my book. I think when my eyes focused enough I read on the clock that it was 3:08am, yupe, I must have been dreaming because in the dream the phone was ringing, it jerked me awake. So there I be, awake very early. Got up and went to the bathroom, I hurry because I didn't want the dogs to wake up. We have been doing so well not getting out of bed before or around 5 am. Well I had to get up at about 4:48 am or so, my body had just about had it, laying there. The cat came in and knocked two bottles of water off my side. So even if you are drifting back into a little sleep, gee you are awake again. So we all got up. So today will be fine, I will just be so glad to get home from work and to go to bed early. The sky is lightening up here already. I so like it light early in the morning. Then I don't think that I am up too early and such. Now Sadie and Malcolm are sleeping again, lucky doggies, and I don't know where Idamay went off to.

My life just seems to keep on moving on. I still need to box up and send off the Christmas gifts for my first granddaughter and her family. I know that is terrible to say, and I feel bad, but I just didn't get it done. Most days I don't have alot of extra energy, and dealing with my body's health issues is taxing. I have even asked my husband to assist me, well he found some big enough boxes for me to choose from. I really need some motivation. I am sure that it isn't a big thing, and those kids would be just thrilled with a care package of toys and more toys, books, and craft kits to do. Anyway, I just feel bad about not getting it done. We didn't get a chance to meet before Christmas or shortly after the new year. They live far away now in Illinois, so that makes it even more difficult for us to meet. I am not giving any excuses here, I just am disappointed in myself. I have no excuse. I need to just do it and get it done.

I am less than 100 pages in, "The Empty Chair," it has taken what seems to me forever to finish up reading it. Then I realize that I only read it when I am in the jaccuzzi. I sortof started Stephen King's book, "Duma Keys," I think it is called. I was laughing so hard, while reading the first few pages, "pull up your buddy(he wanted to say chair," I know the man he is writing about in the story had a bad accident, but I can so relate to how hard it is to retrieve the correct word, alot of times you get the first letter correct or beginning blend, and it just pops out of your mouth wrong, just the other day, I stood looking out the window, and I said, "I wish it would just stop raking!!, I meant to say raining." My husband and I just laughed. Though in your brain you know the word you wanted to say. Though reading that someone else is experiencing it, and saying things like, "bring your funkin' buddy over here and sit on it," was too funny to me. My husband had to come into the bedroom to see why I was laughing so hard I was almost choking, I had tears running down my face, I was laughing so damn hard. So I finally had to put the book down. My husband has kept saying to me that I have to read this book, because the guy's language problems remind him of me alot at times. I think due to the fact that I did drugs when I was younger, has now caught up with me in my 50's. My memory and trying to get the correct word, though I know the word I want to come out is taxing. In fact, in the last few years, people will supply the word for me, since it doesn't pop out fast enough for them to let me get the word and say it. Why are people in such a fucking hurry anyway, geesh we have all the time in the world and then some. Now that is funny, I don't think they even realize that they are doing that. It also could be an affect of having had c-diff so bad in Jan. 2006. Who knows what was affected in the old brain of mine when I almost died that early evening. Anyhoo, I am who I am and just glad to be kicking!!

What else, oh I did take a jaccuzzi bath yesterday. That was nice. I used the small cheese grater on my calluses on my feet. I just can't overdo it. It is so cool when you are cleaning it when you are done doing that, you see on the other side of the grater, your dead skin cells through the little holes. I know this is probably grossing some of you out, but it is pretty cool. It does the job, and it does it better than a pumice stone. When you are done, you apply alot of body butter to your feet. Pamper pamper is the name of the game.