What....Thursday Again!!! (2009-01-29 - 5:31 a.m.)

The days just go ticking by. Yesterday went swiftly by. I again got alot accomplished. One thing I learned was that the program I was trying to learn, the directions weren't written quite right. I called the computer system lady and she tried going through them with me, they can watch what you do on the screen, plus I put her on speaker phone, how cool is that. Well we got one step farther than I did, and then she started asking questions about all the repetitive steps going on, and then said, you know I don't think this will work. I will download the program from your files of the time study stuff and macros, and get back to you. It wasn't me, it is the instructions. She asked me when, at the latest I needed to have this up and running to enter the new time study results, and I told her early next week. She said that she will get back to me. So it will be nice to have some extra help, and that I won't be alone doing this. Now today at work, the county has a new tracking or something or other program, and a few of us in our building will be trained in it for two hours. I don't have a clue what it is all about, other than I think that as a result of this new program, yes, I will have some more work that I will have to do. I just want to make sure I get my 45 minute lunch break today after the two hour training. I am in the union, and even though the workshop will be short staffed, their manager better figure it out, because I will make some waves if I don't get it. Yeah right, I know they wouldn't let me leave 45 minutes early at the end of the day, because yes, they would still be short staffed in the workshop and can't cover the desk out front. So they better figure it out. I don't really want to take my lunch at 9 am, but if I have to I will, because then I will get it. Coverage is a bitch now because 5 social workers no longer work for the county I work for. They are now working for a tri-county different program. I have to rely on the workshop staff to cover my two breaks and lunch, and I was told that I have to have them when there is client down time. For example, my first break is at 8:45 am, I only have worked 45 minutes and then I get a break. My lunch break is supposed to be from 12-12:45pm now only when there is enough staff for coverage, otherwise it is at 11:15 am. I am just glad to get it. Then my pm break is at 3:00 pm or whenever the person gets there. Nothing is ever for sure anymore. Oh well, at least I get two breaks and a lunchbreak. My husband doesn't get any. He eats his sandwich at the nurse's station he told me, most nights. You know that is his problem, they are supposed to get a break also. So I am not complaining here, I just get a bit annoyed because apparently now at work, I am on a need to know only basis, and that even comes to my lunchbreaks. It really shouldn't be a mystery or an issue. Yupe, so each day is a bit of a surprise to me. My husband doesn't know anymore when to call me, I told him, just call, and if I am out of the building, call later. You must adapt, because gosh, there are way more important things going on. I can eat my little piece of chicken breast in less than 5 minutes anyway. I take four small pieces to work each day, wrapped in clingwrap. Right now the clingwrap is blue, it is such a pretty blue. I don't heat it up, I eat the chicken cold. I also eat a couple of crackers off and on throughout the day. So eating isn't that big of a deal, the principle of it is. I have a couple of errands that I would like to do today, and today is payday, and I would like to leave during the last 15 minute break to drive to the credit union and take care of my money business. Oh, yesterday, we got out taxes done. We choose to get the refunds mailed to us. We can wait. It is getting costly to have our taxes done. We have it done because of our investments. My husband used to be more prompt getting the taxes done, and now he has become lax about it. So now in the past 5 years or so, we try to get them done within two weeks after we have collected all the tax papers and such. So yeah, they are done and electronically to boot, so I am sure they are sitting inside someone's computer data base.

I really don't have to much else going on here. Today at work should be interesting. My husband works the next two nights. Saturday morning I go for my hair coloring appointment, I can't wait, I do know that I waited one week too long. I think my hair looks terrible. So I already counted on the calendar for when I would like my next coloring, and I hope that my hair colorist works that Saturday morning. We will see. I am not to tough to deal with. I heard that the temps will be pretty high by the weekend. Yeah for that too. Life is alright and chugging along. I have to go and stop Idamay the cat from hurting Malcolm. They are at it again.