Yupe Life Is Interesting.....Ain't That a Fact!!!!! (2009-01-10 - 7:25 p.m.)

Yes my husband went and ran errands, stopped in and saw his parents, got grocercies on Thursday. Such a good man.

I got a phone call from my son today, wouldn't you know. Everything is fine. He mentioned the idea of moving closer to us, or was that the last phone call he mentioned that. Yeah right, like work would be easier to find in a smaller city. So today I asked is his girlfriend pregant. I was hoping for the no answer. Nope the answer was yes. Oh damn, they can't even afford living expenses now with their first little girl. I asked if they have been paying the electricity. Nope, can't afford to. They won't cut the electricity until sometime in the Spring, I don't remember when exactly the law will allow it. So again, another baby. That makes three plus his girlfriend had one abortion. He said that they told her parents already. I wonder how that went over. He says he isn't too bothered about having another baby. I asked him when he was going to tell his grandparents about the children he has. His reply was, I don't talk with them, and/or haven't in a long time. He also said that they don't ask. Hmmmmmmmm, he is paying child support for a 5 year 4 month old daughter, he takes care of his and his girlfriend's baby, she is 1 year plus almost 5 months old. Oh, he called today because he said that he thinks she is going to be left handed. She grabs at the pencil with her left hand. He asked that I teach her to tie her shoes. I am left handed big time. I think that he just called because he wanted to talk to another adult. His girlfriend was at work. So as I recall, I said in my last entry that I didn't want to jinx anything. Yupe, that really worked out. I am not responsible for the decisions my son is making now. How many times do I need to say that. Another mantra I made up is: to let go, you need to give up control. What more can I say. My husband and I were laying in bed when he called. Sadie and Malcolm were sleeping under the covers. The phone rings, my husband got the gist of the conversation. I finally said good bye and hung up. We just laid there for a few and didn't say much. I then asked, so you got the gist of that. His answer was yes. Hey after all we have been through with our son, what more can you really say to one another. So much for an afternoon nap going to happen. The dogs napped good though. My husband is now at work. We are going into a long week of a deep freeze here. Not looking forward to this. I know that I will be layering clothes next week. Being a diabetic and all, in this type of cold you can drop 15-20 points in blood sugar just trying to keep warm when you run out to the garage, start your car and waiting for it to warm up. Think about how many times a day, in the cold you may do that. My problem being hypoglemic and not being able to eat alot anyway, I find it extremely hard to keep my blood sugar up to 100 right now. I am eating small amounts about every one or so. Anyhoo, that is alright, better than super duper sky high blood sugar reading. I really got nothing else. Tomorrow you know, I need to shower and wash my hair, how exciting is that. I have already made up alot of antiboditc-free organic baked chicken breasts to last for about three days. Oh boy, it will be almost three years come 1/13/09 that I almost died from that bacteria in my colon. I am so glad I survived. I remember very little from Friday, the 13th of January on for awhile. It is a blank. I was in CCU for a few days, and then stayed in the hospital for a few more days. I was on medical leave for a bit, and then started working 3 hours a day, slowing increasing that time until I was able to work my 8 hour days. So in 3 days I will celebrate the joy of just being still here. Who gives a royal fuck that I can only eat less than a dozen foods. There are way more important things in life to do than eat. Who can say that they have had more than 10 colonoscopies in 3 years. Yupe, nothing to them. Stay healthy, love your family, be joyful, and just live in the moment. Don't waste time dwelling on the past, just be thankful you made it through and still have yourself and soul intact. Here is a cute drawing, it is called: cupcake-chan. The artist is Celesse, her real name is Samantha Whitten. She does other work, her Puddle Bunnies and Cupcake Kitties are also very cute. I think that this one would make a cute tattoo. Photobucket