My Info Than You All May Want....Though It May Help You to Understand.... (2008-09-14 - 2:14 p.m.)

Thanks readers for your comments. Not everyone recalls what I have gone through since Fri. Jan. 13th, 2006, so even for me I will just list here a review, so some of the new readers get it, why I can't get better any quicker than I am.

1/13/2006 taken by ambulance to hospital emergency from work. Was found at work leaning against bathroom stall wall. I was blue and wispy breathing. Co-workers called 911. I was in emergency a long time my husband told me later. I had tubes in every orfice plus something in my groin for a line in. They took all sorts of samples my husband said. They finally moved me to CCU, I still wasn't with it, I was in a semi coma. My husband said they had to cut all my clothes off in the emergency room. While in CCU I was throwing up and pooping forever they said. They had the IV's going full throttle my husband said. He called my parents at this time I was told. They live 8 hours away. Finally after hours of lab testing of samples, and apparently being wheeled all over for scans and you name I was told, they found out that I had an a very, very bad strain of clostridium difficile, which is an intestinal bacteria. They did a scope and knew that something was eating/destroying my colon lining which they needed to stop. My husband heard them saying alot that I hope she doesn't get to many bowel holes from this. Throughout all this time, I wasn't with it. I saw my grandma and my dog, she told me that I couldn't leave my family yet. I was so glad to see Katie, remember she just passed away on Nov. 7, 2005. I miss her still so, but I saw that she was happy with my grandma. When I finally woke up, I woke up to my body vomitting, I tasted chocolate and golden delicious apples, that was what I had for my pm break at work that day. How yummy that was. I apparently was vomitting buckets because that is what a CCU nurse had under me. My husband said that they sure had to work on me, and that they were good. So after trying different medications and such I was finally moved, they removed only one tube by then. As the days progressed, I had a scope into my colon each day to check the damage. They kept asking my husband if we had recently done any traveling out of the country. Nope hadn't gone anywhere in years. I was in the hospital for a number of days, and the tubes kept slowly being taken out. They finally let me go home, with liquid protein, something like Ensure. I drank only liquids for over a month, because I couldn't keep anything down. My inside colon was so raw and eaten away, it was determined that like a baby, I would have to start out new with foods. I have alot, alot of food allegeries, so it is dangerous for me with trying new foods. I am also lactose intolerate. Most foods irrate my digestive system and either give me hives or if I get diarrhea, I have special medication to take and stop it right away. I lost 30 pounds in 24 hours when this all happened. I lost another 15 pounds then when I was in the hospital. As a result of the bacteria I also have a bundle branch blockage, it affected my heart. I get vaso vagal reactions if the diarrhea hits too hard and fast.

So with all this being written, I still am eating only less then 10 foods which my body can tolerate. I take some liquid vitamins, and gummie vitamins. I can't have any red dyes in my body. I am not allowed to drink any tap water, I can't have ice in my drinks. Everything I put into my body so far has had to been organic also I have found. The doctor experts have told me that I am lucky to be alive, and that I am lucky to be eating some foods in their natural state, and not just all liquid nutrition. I still have 6 month check-ups going on, that is better than going in every 6 weeks or so as I had to before. So please understand there really isn't much more I can do at this point to make it better or to adjust my diet and/or food intake.

The last two years and nine months now have been a roller coaster of learning what my body can tolerate. I am so glad that I have a sense of humor because it sucks royally at times to deal with this shit literally. I live day to day, and I have learned to accept my body as it is. I am just happy to be here and to be here for my family. My view and perspective on life has changed so much. I am much more compassionate and tolerate of differences in others. I accept what I can not change, and just hope that I continue to improve a little at a time. So for you readers, I hope that this helps you understand why I write about my health once in awhile. I just have to purge it out so that I can move on. I don't want any sympathy, just laugh with me about it.