A Big Time Whine Here....Read At Your Own Risk....Laugh With Me For Awhile.... (2008-09-14 - 6:47 a.m.)

Well wouldn't you know it, I am finally used to how Sitemeter works and can use it pretty smoothly and now they go and update the site. It is hard to read, I hate getting old, especially my eyes, things are harder to read and if the color contrast in backgrounds are wrong for my eyes I just don't read it any more. I know I sound like I am whining. Well I am. Yesterday was a sucky day for my body. My mind and soul just happens to be trapped in there with the body. Here is a little background. On Thursday at work I got a migraine, haven't had one of those in months. Got that better. Friday after being at work for about 10 minutes, I felt like I could throw up, that went on for me, off and on all day. Woke up at a couple of minutes to 5 am on Saturday morning because my gut was hurting. Within minutes I was in the bathroom, with diarrhea. That went on for about two hours. Yes I took my medicine. I also took my BP, it was 86/52 with my pulse rate of 58. So the alarm was dinging in the old brain of mine. I stepped on the scale right away because I knew I was going to get a hit. After my first bout of diarrhea, I weighed myself again. Four pounds less. I thought oh god, no. One more pound lost and I would have to go into emergency. People this is not a good weight loss program to have, trust me. So I started drinking my friend, Gatorade and water. Then another round of diarrhea. I knew I should weigh myself again. It took some convincing. Got on the scale and another three pounds gone. I thought of shit, literally. Do I do what my doctor told me to do, go in after having so much weight lost in less than two hours, plus the BP was really low. Do I upset my husband at work, knowing that he probably can't leave because they are always short staffed, he would tell me to call 911. That would cost me over $100.00 for that ride. It did the last time I got a ride in it. I did the squeeze your skin test to see if it would stay up if you are dehydrated. Yupe sure enough, my skin on my hand just stood up and still for awhile, looking so much like old lady. So I thought, hey I could drive myself in, which is 26.9 to work, and the hospital emergency is only I think 3 miles or less past there. Why not, now I knew my blood sugar should be up because of the Gatrode I was drinking. Who knew, I just didn't want to try and squeeze a finger for a blood drop. So I got dressed, sat and drank some water for a bit, waiting to see if I would get another diarrhea hit, nope, I should be good to go and get there. I put the dogs out to go to the bathroom before I left. I left, and I did get there, they pulled up my medical data, and then examined me, they hooked me up to an IV, at least that wasn't full throttle open, because when they do that, you need a throw-up bucket next to you, because you want to throw up, and usually do throw-up. You can feel the fluid flowing into you, at least I can. I could see my skin puffing up and looking pinker even. I got the AOK to leave and I was home even before my husband came home from work at 8:45 am, how about that. So the rest of my day Saturday was spent resting and trying to eat, because I need something in my stomach. I have medical appointments all Wednesday morning, and starting on Sunday I have to do poop samples for them until Wednesday. Now think about how ironic this is, how much poop are they going to get to check out from me this morning. I laugh because I don't eat alot, I can't, and I had diarrhea on Saturday morning. My life is so full of shit sometimes, literally. I know I make light of this because that is what I have to do to keep it all in perspective. I really don't care, I just want my body to be a happy body and not have to go through this shit. My husband told me that his work place has the crud there, he had it, I thought that I missed that crud, but apparently not, though it hit my body worse. So I have to move on, and hope that I can get a poop sample today for my doctor. So yesterday, I was out of sorts and very cranky about everything in general. I just hope that I wasn't too bad and mouthy to my husband. He slept off and on most of the day, because it was wet, cloudy, and rainy. I usually am not this annoying to myself. I just had to write this down about my body because it is really annoying to have to go through this crap over and over again. I guess the alternative could be worse. I was told that I could have died on Friday the 13th, January 2006, now that would have been so ironic, but I am one tough cookie, boy I wish I could eat a cookie or cake, or something good.