A Catch-Up Entry.... (2008-07-09 - 6:03 a.m.)

Well I got up earlier again today, yeah for that. I don't like feeling that I was dragged out of bed by myself, trying to convince myself to move. It seems cooler here, less humidity, when I put Sadie out this morning. Don't know how long that will last. We forgot to put out the recycling last night, for the early, I say early morning pick-up. Oh well. My husband called from work last night and mentioned it. I said, oh well, I wasn't going out in the humidity and the terrible bugs. In the BB10 blog they had the bios of the new houseguests. The age range is 22 through 75. My mom wanted to know if there was anyone from Minnesota. There is, so I called her. She listened to me read his bio, then I said that there was a 75 year old man, and started, I say started to read his, she interrupted me and said she can't listen because she needed to get dinner on the table. Yes people, she couldn't take, as usual, a few minutes, to visit with her oldest daughter. Getting that food out and on the table took priority. It is always the same. That is why I don't take the iniative and call them first. They are better conversationalists and more pleasant when they call me on their terms. After all these years, you would think I would learn. I should have just e-mailed her with the information. My sister came up from the Cities today for a bit of a break, so my mom was focused you know on catering, not just to my dad, but my sister. I am sure my dad was grilling. It was that I was just so excited to let my mom know that someone was going to be in the BB10 house from Minnesota.

Got news from my son, that someone in a parking lot had backed into his girlfriend's car yesterday. He had just about passed this woman who zoomed back and smashed into one of his rear sides. He didn't get hurt and the car is still drivable. Thank heavens he wasn't driving the Ford Focus, he still hasn't gotten his license plates back for that. Plus, as an added bonus, the cop said that good he wasn't in this other county, because apparently there is another warrant out for him. Yupe, people that makes two warrants, that I know of now. One has to do with another car he was driving because of plates, or lack of plates, now why would there be a warrant for that, there has to be more to it. My son lies by omission, and only tells me what he "thinks" I need to know. Now let's see, since I have been through hell and back in the past six years with issues and situations concerning him. Got to see inside of Brown Jail, etc. Having two grand-daughters. Been at the birth of the oldest one in fact. There really isn't much that would surprise me. Yesterday I was out during my lunch break, that is when my son called of course. So while I waited for him to call me, I speculated on what it could be. Is he in jail again, something with the car, I was thinking it better not be the Ford Focus, because he may be in jail. You know what your mind does while you wait. Though as I waited, I didn't get too upset because I thought as long as he is safe and alive, and that nothing bad happened to him, his girlfriend, or grand-daughter number two. Whee, got the call and it was just a smashed up rear side. The day went on. Now my son also went on to tell me that he has another job possiblity which would pay more an hour and was closer to GB. So today he is going there, to Appleton, to check that out. Good luck to him, I say, he really needs to work and keep working. So that is more of the continuing life journey of my son. In one week and a day, he will have completed another year. So I have to remember to send out his birthday card by next Monday.

I got nothing else much. I have to go today during my lunch break and get my oil and filter changed. I have let it go way too long. It just has been way too humid for me. My husband is off until Saturday evening, then beginning Monday of next week, he is off for seven days. He took two vacation days to do that. I wonder, besides sleep alot, what he is going to do. Whatever, nothing major really gets done here. I hope that he picks a project that has been working on and gets something done. I don't say much anymore. Though I have mentioned that I wish he would finish putting up those bookshelves so that I can dust and put up those 100 or more books I have laying all around the house in stacks. I know I am being so whiny but really people, books should be displayed and staning up.