Yupe, Last Work Day of the Week.... (2008-07-03 - 6:14 a.m.)

So today is the last day of the work week and it is payday. One of my co-workers is off today and didn't think that she would remember to pick up her paycheck. She asked if I wouldn't mind depositing it into her checking account for her, since we both go to the same credit union. I said sure. She is on vacation all next week also. By taking today off, and tomorrow being a paid county holiday, she will get I believe 12 days in a row for using 6 of her vacation days. That is so smart. So I have to just remember to take her paycheck with me, otherwise I will have to go back to work and get it and go to the credit union again. I also have to remember to go and get my 60 specially made bagels from the grocery store during my lunchbreak today. They bag them in groups of 5 for me sliced. I put them in the freezer. I decided about a year ago to do this, which makes it easier for me. I also buy a large quantity of organic, antiboditic free chicken breasts at once. I usually buy all they got when I go, then I freeze them. They come three chicken breasts to a package. I use three packages to a pan to bake. So is I buy 24 packages at almost $7.00 a package, that is about $168.00 alone in meat for me. I eat two chicken breasts a day, sometimes three if I am really hungry and don't know what else to eat. So 24 packages will last me 36 days approx. So cost wise, since the special meat is more expensive, though it doesn't cost so much per day. In order to get in a bit more protein, I try, I say try, to drink a cup of soy silk milk. I still don't really like the taste of it. When I take a Caltrate plus D tablet, I am still fighting keeping it down. This past week my body has just hurt in the gut area and I have been just feeling off a bit. So I am hoping that I feel better, so I suppose that is why I am writing about the food. Lately, I just wish I didn't have to eat anything. The fucking digestion is the killer lately and so I suppose I will have to go in and see my specialist again. I just don't want that bacteria back and don't wish it upon anyone. Enough said.

My husband works tonight and tomorrow night. So we don't have plans. It is supposed to be in the 80's here and I suppose humid. My husband has been working on trying to put up bookshelves for me. I hope he is done soon. I have three days, that off and on, I could work at organizing and putting some odd 100 books up on the shelves. Yupe I could fill them all up, with all the books laying around here. Then I would know what books we have. Oh did I mention how awesome my hair color is and all the streaks she put in it this time. I haven't washed it yet, so I suppose I will have to soon. I also bought a new straightening iron, my hair color/stylist lady made my hair look so awesome, that I am going to try to do it myself after I wash it. Yupe, I said try, I will attempt to try I say. I have never been able to replicate the hairstyle that my hairstylist does, but I can have fun trying. Don't you just love it. Oh, and also only 10 days now until Big Brother 10. They are finally having some teasers on the TV and also some more info on the blog sites. I know, once Closer and Saving Grace starts in July, I will run out of time to watch everything again.

Also last night my son called me and said that today, he goes in and fills out paperwork to start a job, second shift, at a place he worked before at. The only thing is, the drive is 35 miles one way. I tried really hard to not say anything more than congratulations and all. I hope that it all works out for him and them. He just doesn't have to think about himself anymore, he has to think about two other people. They are now short $65.00 dollars for the rent. Before it was only $5.00 because they needed gas money. I said I will not help out making up the difference. I could help very easily, but I won't. It is so hard to say that. I gave my son $135.00 a couple of weeks back, as an early birthday present. He said, he used it to pay his parking fines, so he could get his two license plates back. Well he still is waiting for a notice from the DMV to be able to go and pick up his license plates. Yes, he needs them to work, today he will be using his girlfriends car, and I say, what if she needs her car. Oh well, life is but a long journey of lessons, and some of them are so fucking hard to learn, even for the parent.