The Weekend is Here.... (2008-05-24 - 5:58 a.m.)

Gee another week zoomed by, and I even had a vacation day off on Wednesday to boot. On Wednesday my husband and I met my parents in Eau Claire, Wisconsin around mid morning. We met, and ate at TGIF, I should clarify, they ate a great smelling meal and I had a diet coke, no ice please, and we visited. It doesn't seem to bother me anymore about watching people eat out, though my parents could stop saying, why don't you just try a bite. Sorry parents, I can't do that, especially restaurant food that who the hell knows what seasonings they have used. Well anyway, I brought along some food to eat. We then went to Borders for awhile, and they had to be on their way back home. My dad wanted to get home by dark, when they left it was 1 something, so they did have alot of driving to do. My parents looked good to me. My mom only mentioned my lack of food and my body a couple of times. She didn't even remark about how I looked or anything which actually surprised me. She did go off on a tangent about her grandson, I knew this would happen. Overall, I did well with meeting them. My blood pressure really didn't spike too much. AFter my folks left, my husband and I went over to Michael's Craft Store. I was looking for ideas for a craft class I will be teaching in July sometime. Yupe, Michael's is a disappointment. I will have to find a JoAnne's Fabric to go to and check that out. I have done so many craft classes that I have a hard time coming up with ideas of what to make. The people I do this with are mentally challenged adults. You have to keep it simple but adult like, so anyone, I ask anyone have some ideas. Then we went drove home. We stopped for pie at Norske Nook in Osseo. If you are ever on the interstate, you should get off at Osseo, go into the little town, to Norske Nook, have lunch there and have some pie. Then you will get some pie to go. My husband always gets sour cream apple blueberry. I also have a co-worker who eats there when she is out and about, and just recently she brought to me, to give to my husband a piece of pie from there. So we did the same this time, we bought her a piece of pie. Now get this, they both like the same pie. So it is easy to remember what to buy. Their cookies also melt in your mouth, this I remember. So if you are ever out for a drive, that is the place to eat.
So here we are at another weekend, and this one is a three day weekend to boot. I brought my book home from work, another Greg Iles book to finish, this is my second copy of this one, "Mortal Fear." The first copy I accidentally dropped in the jaccuzzi, so I found another copy on e-bay and won it. So I have had to wait until I got it in the mail. It is one of Greg's earlier books. He is such the great author if you are into psychological thrillers. I began reading his books after I finished reading all of Lee Child's books, another favorite author of mine. I have also been reading alot of craft books on polymer clay. I am interested in making minauture masks and painting them, then to use them in my altered art projects. I used to make alot of polymer clay beads and jewelry when I was a teenager. I made the huge beads that I put into my making of macrame plant holders and wall hangings. My parents still put up a huge 12 foot one every summer on their patio. It is like a curtain I made. Gee I sure had the energry and alot of time when I was a teenager to do all that. Anyhoo, I was always so busy then, now I pace myself, unless I get the urge to create. When I go into my craft/art room, time ceases for me. I have to set a timer in the kitchen so that I go and get something to eat every couple of hours, otherwise my blood sugar would drop into the 50's or so. So when I create I do get that minor annoying interruption. I tried before having food in my room with me, well, do you think I ate it, nope. So now I got smart, I hear the ding and go, oh yeah, or if my husband hears it, and then I don't come out, he comes in to check on me, and brings food. So my creativeness as I have aged has to be interrupted with little bits of food, it sucks sometimes, but that is what my life is like. So I have an idea for this weekend. I am going to glue the bits and pieces of some polymer clay ends onto a box with a lid on it. I thought it might look alright. I know that I have Gorilla Glue around here somewhere. My husband found out how well Gorilla Glue works, so he borrows it alot, so who knows where it is. He is at work now, and will be home, who knows. He has meds to give and then charting to do. His shift is officially over at 7 am, but most mornings he is home by 9 am. That makes for a very long 12 hour shift. Medical needs don't just stop on holidays. So have an extra day off or a holiday to me, doesn't mean more than an extra day off. People understand who live and/or are married to someone who works in the medical field. The place they work at also calls to see if you can work an extra shift at all hours of the day. That I don't really appreciate, but medical places are open 24/7. So to all those people who work and take care of others, I saluate you and your dependability and your chosen field. Happy Memorial Day to whenever you get a chance to have some peace and quiet, and number one is some sleep.