The Saga Update Continues... (2008-03-09 - 5:24 a.m.)

I just wanted to mention that beyondpanic's "peep show" photo is so very cute!! I had to go look again at it this morning. By the way, they make sugar free Peeps now.

I am so very glad that we sprang an hour ahead in time. It is now 5:25 am here. We will see as the day progresses if I become tired, and you know that for me, a little nap, is a weekend regular for me.

Yesterday we went to Appleton and Oshkosh. We got a phone call from my son at 1:15 am yesterday. He needed emotional support from us. He was going to go and get his belongings at the woman's house he was asked to leave from. Well we went to the Oshkosh Police Department and waited for two officiers to go with. We all went and the woman told the police officier that this wasn't the right time, when they had made arrangements to do this. She said she was late for work. Her dad, who lives two houses down, comes driving over and runs, yes runs into the house. There wouldn't be any trouble, the only trouble was coming from them. Well my son said that was so very unusual for her to work on a Saturday. It was 9:19 am at this time. She works Monday through Friday regularly my son told us. Well anyway, no my son couldn't get in to get his belongings. So they made arrangements with the two police officiers hearing this for today, Sunday at 4:30 pm. My husband and I can not be there for emotional support. Yesterday I heard the fear and despair in my son's voice. I told him that he again has to go to the police station in Oshkosh and get two police officiers to be there and present for his safety and as witnesses. God forbid that these people try to hurt my son. You need witnesses. It is usually in a court case the male's fault, even when it only partly is. I told my son to make a paper list of all the belongings he can remember that are there, and to take his time to make sure that they are there. I also said that you need to look at everything before you bring it out that front door. You will never get another chance to go there, or even want to set foot there ever again. She may have taken scissors to everything, she may have urinated on his belongings for two days. I also said that anything personal hygiene related should not be used because she may have put poison or chemicals in it. He could be going to use his shampoo in the shower and boom, he could go blind. See I am trying to think about everything and safety issues. It sure helps that I read alot, and I read alot of psychological thrillers, plus working with the chronically mentally ill hasn't hurt my knowledge base. I also said that my son needs to state in the presence of the police officiers(though they can't do anything about this, it will have to go to small claims court) that since my son paid for the March rent, $400.00, and he only lived there 7 days, this woman needs to pay him back $310.70 I figured out. I know, like he will ever see that again. I am hoping that by my son mentioning pursuing small claims court that this woman, or her parents(I am sure they will be there) will give some of the rent money back. I would pursue small claims court, and I know that my mother will. There is proof of a canceled check. My mother will be so very upset about this. All in all, I hope that my son has learned something about people. There really isn't much more I can say about this until I hear later today, that he is physically safe after being back from this house. I sure hope he gets his belongings back, especially his laptop and that she didn't wreck that. He needs that laptop for classes he is taking Tues., Wed., and Thurs. night in Green Bay.

He is currently staying with a friend in her apartment. She agreed to $125.00 for the next three weeks. She sleeps over at her boyfriends house and only come back to this apartment every couple of days to get a change of clothes. So my son needs to refocus his thinking. He needs to find a job again in the Green Bay area.

It is so awesome to live in the moment. To take on the challenges and experiences of raising a son. My husband and I would have regretted not going there yesterday. It isn't often my son will reach out and show us that he really does need us sometime, needs the emotional support, and it is a comfort to him, just to have us there for a bit. I have to say, we left at 5:14 am. We were home at 12 pm something. I can't remember that. Sadie made it, we thought it better that she didn't go along, which was a good idea. So my Saturday wasn't my usual Saturday routine, and my body paid for it during the day yesterday. I had such stomaches. I hadn't eaten anything different, so I am thinking it was part nerves. I would have gone to be there for him, no matter what. Thank heavens it was sunny and not snowing.